Buildings, Property, Development, and Zoning
WCA works to identify problem properties, find opportunities for land banking, recruit developers, address zoning/rezoning issues, and deal with building violations.

Land Development Code
The City of Cincinnati’s draft of the Land Development Code may be accessed here.  A committee is reviewing the code and advising WCA on issues of concern and matters to address further.  Please email WCA with any comments or questions.  A Frequently Asked Questions section will be developed here as questions come in.

Zoning Committee
The WCA Zoning Committee has proposed a series of recommendations to the Board regarding zoning in the Werk Road area and along Harrison Avenue. These recommendations will be considered at the WCA Steering meeting on April 14, 2015. Please see below for the committee’s general considerations, the three maps, and the corresponding recommendations, and read the recommendations along with each map.

General Considerations
CX vs CG
Werk Road East Map | Recommendations
Werk Road West Map |Recommendations
Harrison Ave East MapRecommendations
Glenway Ave East Map | Recommendations
Glenway Ave West Map | Recommendations
Westwood Northern Blvd Map | Recommendations