Westwood is home to a collection of big planters, and we need your help to make them beautiful! Adopt a pot and make a little spot of the neighborhood brighter.

Interested? Here are the basics of how it works:
1. Sign up to adopt a pot
2. Plant it by May 15
3. Water it, weed it, keep it looking great through the growing season. Winterize it when things start to fade.
4. Whimsy is appreciated and encouraged but please don’t paint your pot.

Ready to join up? Fill out the form below. Questions? Email us!


Returning adopter?*

Note: returning pot adopters receive priority until February 1.

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Pots must be planted by May 15th and cared for through the end of the growing season. At the end of the season, pull annuals and trim back perennials, as appropriate.

Whimsy is appreciated and encouraged but please don’t paint your pot.

Pots must be tended and watered on a regular basis, check your pot even if there’s been a lot of rain.

Tending includes deadheading spent flowers, trimming off dead parts, weeding, picking up litter, and anything else needed to keep your plants in tip top shape. 

If you’re temporarily unable to tend the pot, perhaps during a vacation, please make arrangements for someone else to do so (we can help with this, just ask!)

We will have design/planting guides available if you choose, but you’re welcome to plant how you’d like. Keep in mind when choosing plants and a design, that the pots are most often viewed by drivers, showy is best!

Pot assignments are limited to available pots, are assigned on a first come first serve basis. Pots not planted by May 15 or neglected are subject to reassignment. 

I agree to the above guidelines (name):