Westwords is Westwood Civic Association’s newsletter, sent monthly to members.  Advertising and article submissions are welcome.  Please contact the newsletter editor.  And if you have any of our missing issues, please send us a pdf or let us borrow a copy briefly to scan.

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Editorial Policy for Westwords : We prefer letters that relate to a recent letter or article, or a relevant neighborhood issue. All letters and articles will go through our editorial review process. Letters and articles are limited to approximately 250 words, and may be edited for space and clarity. Letters will be published as space allows, and may be held for subsequent editions. Longer letters may be considered for features or articles. Any letter that includes the following may be refused printing: hate speech, or libel/defamation. No anonymous or open letters will be printed. For verification purposes, (but not to be printed), letters must also include the writer’s home address, e-mail address and telephone number. Sources may be requested for the purpose of fact checking. Members get first priority for printing, then non-members. (approved 8/11/2015)

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