Westwood Community Gardens

The Westwood Community Gardens is accepting applications for 4’x8′ plots and 17′ farm rows for the 2018 growing season. Here is the 2018 WCG plot application.  Stay current with our news on Facebook or by joining our mailing list.

About WCG
Westwood Community Gardens were established in 2011, is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Westwood Community Gardens are located at 2163 Harrison Avenue at the intersection with Talbott Avenue. There is parking along Talbott and the site is served by the Metro 21 bus.  We rent 4’x8′ raised beds and 17′ farm row sections to individual gardeners for $25 for the calendar year, plus twelve hours of service. We have some communal growing areas, too, like herbs and microgreens. There is a toolshed and water on the site.  Read about the history of the Gardens.

Contact Us
Contact the WCG coordinator via wcg.coordinator@gmail.com or by messaging us on Facebook. You can also call the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati at 513.221.0981 for more information.

Cincinnati’s Community Gardens
The Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati maintains a list of local community gardens. View the garden sites and read more about specific gardens. And the Civic Garden Center offers a very full calendar of programs, from one-time classes to master gardener certification.

Best Practices in Community Gardening
Best practices, guidelines, and advice for your reading pleasure, whether you garden with us or not

The Business of Gardening
Farmers’ Markets: For those of you who want more than your plot can produce or who are looking for non-garden locally grown items, why not check out a nearby Farmers’ Market? Try Lettuce Eat Well Farmers’ Market on the westside.
Grant Opportunities: RebelTomato offers fundraising info. The ACGA is your source for tons of info, including grant and gift suggestions. Wait….. did you actually want to GIVE US a DONATION?!! Send your show of support to Westwood Civic Association, marked for the Westwood Community Gardens. Donations are not tax-deductible but we will put your gift to good use.
Marketing & Promotion: These are two great examples of community gardens’ marketing and publicity: Mississippi Market (a co-op) and Victory Garden Initiative